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Core Purpose

To create a world where people feel they matter, knowing their contributions will change the future and help all beings thrive.


To lead the way in innovating reliable, sustainable packaging, and new product solutions that improve the lives of our employees, customers, and communities.


To create an inclusive culture that fosters innovation to increase the success of our customers and health of the planet.

Jerry and Floyd Paxton

We are more than just bag closures

Our Journey

Kwik Lok was founded by Floyd Paxton. He was an engineer who saw that packaging technologies, post-World War II, were changing. At that time, his company was supplying wooden, produce-box nailing and labeling machines to the Washington State apple industry.

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When apple distributors moved from boxes to bagging, they didn’t like the wire and tape closures in use at the time and asked Floyd for help. That was when he invented the Kwik Lok closure.

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In 1954, he formed Kwik Lok Corporation. In that first year, its unique closure system quickly became the preferred method for keeping bags of Washington State apples safe and fresh.

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Today we have six factories, we employ over 330 people and our product has been used by billions of people throughout the world. In 2015, a new generation of the Paxton family stepped into our 64-year-old business. We are now owned by sisters Stephanie Paxton Jackson, Kimberly Paxton-Hagner and Melissa Steiner.

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A Fresh Start

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Stephanie Jackson
Kimberly Paxton-Hagner
Melissa Steiner

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Stephen Westby
Kimberly Paxton-Hagner
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Stephanie Jackson
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Gail Dobberthien
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Kwik Lok difference

We believe there is power in collaboration. We understand how our actions and efforts can be amplified when we build upon the efforts of others

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